My OJS system has been unstable. When I log in and access, in less than 15 seconds, it disconnects the user. This has made half work impossible. Could you help me?

I would like help, I still have no answer on the demand. Could you help me on how to solve my problem?

Hi @filipe
It imght be really difficult to find the exact cause of this.

Please could you check of OJS installation if these parameters are set up to meet your needs.

; Number of days to save login cookie for if user selects to remember
; (set to 0 to force expiration at end of current session)
session_lifetime = 30

; This check will invalidate a session if the user’s IP address changes.
; Enabling this option provides some amount of additional security, but may
; cause problems for users behind a proxy farm (e.g., AOL).
session_check_ip = Off

If you use any software that change your ip during connection, or blocked all cookies, you may experience such a problem. For now, these are the only things that come to my mind.