HTTP ERROR 500 CrossRef XML Export Plugin

I have OJS Installed, when I click the submit button in the crossref xml export plugin, I get the HTTP 500 error.

Same problem exist when i clicked Download XML button, ends up with the same error

My server installed on AWS EC2 , with centos version 7.3.1611 and PHP version 5.6.33 and i have also installed PHP Curl for this.

Please post php error log here so we can investigate issue.

here is my php error_log22%20AM

I think that @asmecher can help in explaining what php fatal error can tell about cause of issue.

Did you install php-xml extention?

ah, i’m just doing what you say to install php56w-xml-5.6.33-1.w7.x86_64 for my php package. Now the previous problem has gone, i didn’t get any HTTP 500 error, but the new problem exist when i try again to submit button, now i get message from browser 500 internal server error and here is php log screen shoot


Hi @ferry,

It looks like you have a 30-second time limit on requests in your web server’s configuration, and this request may need more than 30 seconds. You’ll need to update your PHP configuration to allow longer requests.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

(Problem Solved)
Thanks all for your help, now i’m able to submit DOI number with crossref export plugin.
so the problem is

  1. I was missing install php5-curl and php-xml extension (thanks to @Vitaliy)
  2. I’m increase request time limit for more than 30 second on my php configuration (thanks to @asmecher)

Hi @ferry I got the same problem, ho to solve this problem ?
I have change the time limit, but problem still exist