HTML class OJS 3.0.2

I noticed that on some servers in HTML editor bullets in text are HTML coded as <li class=show
displays bullets normally, but on some servers bullets are displayed only if I delete class=show.
is it possible to make that simple so that

  • tag is sufficient?


  • Hi @vvucic,

    Did some of your post get chopped? Make sure you use the “preformatted text” tool when posting code.

    Alec Smecher
    Public Knowledge Project Team


    I refer to the code class=show that is in HTML source code when bullets button is clicked in TinyMce. So, I found that in some cases presence of class=show after <li tag displays bullet, but in some cases it does not display the bullet so I have to remove class=show from <li tag in order to get bullets displayed.


    Hi @vvucic,

    I’m not sure about the issue you’re describing, but in OJS 3.0, there is no bullets list button in TinyMCE.

    When I add bullet icon in toolbar by adding bullet tag in TinyMce settings in OJS I have that situation. Mazbe that is issue with HTML rendering?


    You can add this code into css file and upload it to Settings >> Website >> Appearance >>Journal style sheet

    .show {display: list-item !important;}