How to use Translator Plugin?

Help is needed. What I’m doing is wrong and why the translation plugin does not work.
I do:

  1. Download the archive and upload to the plugins / generic folder
  2. I change the folder name from the translator-master to the translator
  3. I change installed = On to installed = Off in file
  4. I launch the update on the site
  5. I change the installed = Off to installed = On in the file
  6. I login into the site, through the administrator and go to “Site Administration”> “Site Settings”> “Plugins”> “Generic Plugins”> “Translator Plugin” and select Enabled.
  7. Nothing works. And for example I choose “Translate”
And I get this:

Does the plugin work or not? :roll_eyes: How does the plugin work correctly? Where should I click to start editing?

(p.s. I want to ask for forgiveness for my English :sweat:)

Did you create journal in your OJS installation?

Hi @Eugene.B,

Following the installation steps you describe won’t register the plugin correctly with the system. It’s better to install the plugin via the Plugin Gallery or the plugin upload tool in OJS, but if you can’t, follow the instructions here: OJS 3 Does not Register Custom Plugin - #6 by asmecher

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Very strange, but I tried to run the plugin from Plugin Gallery and it all worked :grin: . Thx for the help!