How to use the journalThumbnail image in the dashboard instead of the PageHeaderLogo


In the dashboard, on top of the left column, the PageHeaderLogo is displayed. I would like to use the journalThumbnail image instead since the former is often much larger, and less appropriate, than the latter.

I found in ./lib/pkp/templates/common/header.tpl, lines 35-51, the code calling the PageHeaderLogo, but don’t know how to change it to bring back the thumbnail image.

By the way, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be better idea to display the thumbnail instead of the journal banner at this place.

Thanks for your help,

Do you mind that you changed original OJS code?

Unless you are working against your own control version system, this is not a recommended practice because it will make really difficult to track the changes and next time ojs is released you will lose your changes or won’t know what need to be changed.

At same time, ojs is not offering good options to theme the dashboard/backend so I suggest recover original ojs code and, if you have theming needs that could not be accomplished with CSS, create a child theme for your frontend.

So you can keep your dashboard untouched (and use the existing image for the top left logo) and create a theme with a different image for your frontend.

Thank you Marc for your answer and advice.

Indeed, I’m reluctant to change the code and would like to find another solution. I tried to play with the CSS to change the dashboard design. I was unsuccessful because some CSS elements seem to be dynamically created. I’m going to try the other way round, dispaying the image that fits for the dashboard, and modifiying the display of the public interface via CSS to show another image. Should be easier. If not, I will consider the idea of creating a custom theme as you suggest.

Nevertheless, I think that the dashboard should use the Thumbnail image instead of the site banner.

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