How to upload an HTML file and display it as full text (no DOCX nor JATS)

  • Application Version : OJS 3.2.1-4

Hey PKP community !

I am new to OJS, so please be kind if what I’m asking for may appear as obvious.

I am looking for a plugin that could allow me to upload a file in HTML only (instead of DOCX or JATS), and publish the html file as full text (below the abstract, embedded in the page).

Illustration :

I am asking your help after hours of seeking a solution through the World Wide Web & PKP forums.

What I tried :

  • Convert my HTML file to DOCX, then to JATS using docxConverter, then to full text HTML using JATSParser. The result weren’t good because the layout has been redefined, and I encountered some issues.
  • Install HTML Article Galley Plugin (did not succeeded to make it works)
  • Read the docs about embedGalley (from here), but I don’t have the PHP skills to transform this plugin from XML to embed to HTML to embed ;(.

I am pretty sure that a simple solution for that problem exist (a plugin maybe), but I didn’t found it yet.

If anyone have a solution to this, I’ll be more than happy !

Have a nice day.


Hi @Loic1,

I recommend trying the Alternative HTML Article Galley Plugin (if you haven’t already), available here: Release OJS 3.2 · ajnyga/embedHtmlArticleGalley · GitHub

The functionality for this plugin is described here: Allow inline presentation of HTML Galleys · Issue #6279 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I hope this allows for you to display the HTML in the way you are hoping, but please let me know if it does not, and there may be another answer or an opportunity to suggest a feature request.

Best regards,

PKP Publishing Support Specialist

Hi @kshuttle and thanks a lot for your reply !

I tried the embedHtmlArticleGalley that you mentionned in your post. However, it did not work. I installed the plugin, enabled it in the plugin gallery, and submitted a test article in HTML. In the production stage, I created an HTML galley for this file. However, once submitted, there is no inline HTML showing up…

There is not any hint during the submission/validation process that tells me that the plugin is working fine.

I also tried to use the inlineHtmlGalley plugin, which is pretty similar. I disabled embedHtmlArticleGalley before proceeding, but the result was the same :
No HTML and no hint that the plugin is working.

My linux server (a bridge-mode Ubuntu20Server virtual machine) apache log isn’t giving me any error, in both cases.

I may be missing a step, a button to click or a setting to turn on… Do you know any steps that I may have missed ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! Please forgive me if I skipped something that might appears obvious, I’m an absolute beginner in the OJS world !


In future version of OJS we hope to have the HTML or XML Content of an article captured directly as a property of the Article (per Issue #6279), and exposed to the UI and JATS metadata and other machine-accessible formats as well. So, please view this approach as a transition.

That said, the University of Pittsburgh is actively working on facilitating that transition by exposing the HTML Galley directly to the Article landing page, as the HTML/XML content property would eventually be exposed. We will be piloting this in the Goethe-Lexicon of Philosophical Concepts, first as a generic plugin (specific to the Bootstrap theme), and then as a Bootstrap subtheme.

All of this work depends on OJS recognizing the publication of the HTML Galley, and recognizing the generic plugin to display it. It seems something is still missing for you there. Did you install the embedHtmlGalley and inlineGalleyPlugins via the Plugin Gallery, or via the filesystem? I think the scenario you describe would happen if installed via the filesystem without running the upgrade.php or installPluginVersion.php script to register the plugin with the system.

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Hi @ctgraham and thanks for your reply !

I did take a look to your journal Goethe-Lexicon of Philosophical Concepts and it is really well designed, and nice to browse. You display the HTML as a separate page (when clicking on the HTML button) if I’m not mistaken. My goal is to display the HTML below the abstract, but I believe that embedHtmlGalley and inlineGalleyPlugins allows me to do that.

I believe having installed both plugins through the files system via git clone. However, I never interacted with any upgrade.php or installPluginVersion.php before (I’m new to OJS, so maybe I’m missing a thing).

I found on your GitHub page for inlineHtmlGalley the scripts that I may have missed. I will reinstall inlineHtmlGalley this way.

I also have a question : Is there any interface change or any specific behavior that I may expect ?
For example, JatsParser adds a “Full Text” section below the publication tab, and Texture adds a button below the XML files in order to edit them.
Does inlineHtmlGalley adds any button ?

Example screenshots



Many thanks for your hints !

Have a nice day,