How to upgrade in a noob language

Continuing the discussion from OJS 2.4.7 Released:

Hello good day.

I installed into a web server using softaculous so it has always been easy for me. but now you say something about using command line and i dont know how to upgrade using the methods mentioned in the upgrade not.

In other words all i am saying (or asking) is to help me understand an easier way to upgrade to the new version.


I’m not sure who maintains the softaculous install of OJS. If I understand the tool correctly, this maintainer will eventually package the new version of OJS in that tool, and then your Cpanel (or similar) will allow you to upgrade.

In the past, it has seemed that softaculous upgrades skip the final step of upgrading the database. This is usually where the reference to the command line comes in. If you’re not comfortable with (or don’t have access to) the command line, the upgrade must be finished out via the web interface, as described here:

Hi again and thanks in advance,
I’m very satisfied with my OJS-System 2.4.6, but now i want to upgrade to 2.4.7.
I’m using Step 3 .Patch from the Readme UPGRADE, but when i try i get the message :
"Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] ", how could i fix this ? Should i do a diff data ?


This is a slightly different question from the original, so I’ve branched this topic.