How to upgrade from OJS to OJS

Hi developer,
Previously I upgraded to using the manual method.
But this time I worried reading the release note where you mentioned ADODB replaced.
So, I want to know whether I can upgrade my OJS site using the same old method or not?
If there are any tutorial videos available, then please share with us.

Thanks and Regards


PKP Team

Previously I upgraded using this method : (16) How to Upgrade OJS to - YouTube
Will it work now?

There are many different ways to upgrade but we suggest to follow the upgrade guide with maintaining proper backup and step by step process to ensure data integrity and consistency.

PKP Team

Dear All,

I have tried to update from to 14 with several methods, but I have the same result in the Administration/System info page:

I am using XAMPP 7.3.31
Maybe, I need a higher version of PHP.
What do you think?

I am looking forward to any help.

Best Regards,
Szabolcs Szlavik