How to test indexing or cataloging without acutually doing it?

Is there a way to tell if my OJS or OMP setup is configured correctly for LOCKSS, indexing by Google Scholar, etc., before launching the first journal or monograph? I don’t want to push spurious test data out there (which I see a few other folks have had trouble with), but I want (need?) to be able to reassure authors and editors that it’s working properly before they commit to the platform.


Hi @crism,

Each indexing tool will use a different mechanism, so there’s no single place to either control indexing or check if it’s working. It would also be up to each indexing service to offer some kind of test mode where you could really verify end-to-end connectivity, and generally they don’t.

Consider the discovery mechanism for each – LOCKSS is manual, OAI is manual, Google Scholar is a crawl, etc. In the case of automatic discovery, you can generally use a robots.txt exclusion to prevent harvesting if you’re not ready yet. Then you can explore the mechanism that delivers data yourself to see whether it’s working.

For example, you can view the Google Scholar meta tags in the article’s view page, or explore the OAI interface with a web browser by following the OAI link from within journal management or site administration.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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