How to show the publishing Details on Homepage and About the Journal page?

I am trying to add the following fields that I have set in the Journal Settings form to on the Homepage and on the about Journal page:-
Name of the publisher, Print ISSN, and Online ISSN

and How to use a different email for SMTP and principal contact? SMTP will work when we give the same email id that we give to the Principal contact.
we are now hosting two journals then how to enable SMTP for both journals with different email id. we are not going to use a common mail ID for both journals.

Hi @AFA,

These details entered in the settings, but often appear in the footer by default. You can indicate them in the About Journal page,

As our documentation indicates (

Note that the publisher name entered here is used for metadata but will not be displayed on your site. To show the publisher name on your site you can enter it under Journal Settings > Contact > Mailing Address. You can also add it under About the Journal below.

There is also the option of indicating that information additionally as part of the journal summary in the Masthead:

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