How to show References URL as links in article page

I cant get the references url to show as a link in the articles page.
(for example: El diseñador como experto adaptativo. Su capacitación para la definición de problemas | Arte e Investigación )
I load all the references in the metadata editor and then click the “Extract and save references” but the urls are displayed as simple text and not as an link.
Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance!
Im using version btw.

Hi @Lisandro_Peralta,

Do you parse references? Check references tab under Submission’s metadata.

Hey @Vitaliy, thanks for answering, I’ve parsed the references indeed. But nothing happens.
I Fill in the references at the moment of uploading the article through the quicksubmit plugin, and then I parse and extract through metada edtor, but it remains the same.
Any other idea?

It may be not implemented for the theme, I can take look. What theme and its version are you using?

I made a custom childtheme based on the default theme.
So it should be verison (acording to the plugin management modal) , but when I open the version.xml file It reads:
< release ></ release >
< !-- The date of the latest version →
< date>2016-05-31</ date>

Any news on the subject?

I had winter vacations down here in Argentina and just today I got back to work.
Checking just in case.
I apologize if I’m being dense.

Hi @Lisandro_Peralta,

Sorry for the late response.

I’ve checked and this should be implemented for the default theme that corresponds to OJS 3.1.2 release. It should also work in the stable 3_1_1 branch. I would check 2 things: 1) What code do you have in the article_details template here: 2) what tags are allowed in the config here:

great, I’ll check them and I’ll let you know, will try to replace them

Just checked them.
In both cases I’ve have the same code as the lines you pointed me…
Any other Idea?
Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Hi @Lisandro_Peralta,

In the metadata field (dashboard), what happens when you parse references with a link. Do you see them as links after parsing or not, under Extracted References? I’m trying to understand if those tags are just striped on the front-end or the problem is with parsing itself.

As you can see, the links are not parsed. They are interpreted as plain text.


Do you have the same line in citationsForm.tpl file as here:

If yes, the part strip_unsafe_html removes the link. Basically, this method strips all tags, which aren’t specified in (allowed_html). Thus, can you double-check your config file and confirm that a element is allowed there?

If another yes, can you copy your production site on your local machine (with the database) and debud the code? what happens if you remove |strip_unsafe_html from the template? I mean change {$parsedCitation->getCitationWithLinks()|strip_unsafe_html} to {$parsedCitation->getCitationWithLinks()}? Keep in mind that strip_unsafe_html is there for safety reasons.


But , in citationsForm.tpl
my line is

I’ll try to replace that line.

My line in config.php is
allowed_html = "<a href|target> <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <b> <i> <u> <img src|alt> <sup> <sub> <br> <p>"

So it seems its ok.

As regarding to copying the site i’m afraid I cant do it
I’ll let you know

Hi there, reviving this thread…
I removed “|strip_unsafe_html” and now the metadata editor displays the links when I parse the citations, but when I go to the article page on the issue, the links are not displayed