How to setup ORCID site-wide?

I’m on OJS and trying to setup the ORCID plugin using this guide, but have a few questions:

Hi @luizborges,

According to the ORCID documentation, you can use your ORCID ID to access the Public API:

  • they also give some instructions here on how to go about testing within their Public API (some of this is also discussed in our documentation as well).

PKP Team

Thanks @rcgillis,

I got it working in a single journal selecting the Public API option in the Plugin configuration page. I think it is safe to say that I can use it site-wite too, my only question then, is what do I fill it the api_url setting in

Hi @luizborges

I think the url is for the public sandbox and for the public API


I believe that is the case, as @hilongo points out. Just to be sure, I might ask if @JAspler and/or @Dulip_Withanage can confirm.


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Hi all! @luizborges Apologies for the late reply. Were you able to sort this out with @hilongo’s response?

I believe that is correct for your purposes; @Dulip_Withanage would know better, and if not I could reach out to folks at ORCID to confirm.

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