How to send email to all authors of a submission in OJS


I want to send an email to the submitting author and all co-authors upon online publication of their article. How do I do this? The ‘Schedule for Publication’ thingi does not include a notification for all authors and the discussion tool is not working for this since I can only add the submitting author as participant. The co-authors have no OJS accounts so a notification that asks them to visit the OJS for further information would not be sufficient. Is there a button somewhere, that lets me send such an email via the OJS to all authors of a submission?

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OJS does send an email when a new issue is published (if you choose to send it) but it does not send it to secondary authors. I do not think that there is a functionality in OJS3 that would do this.

Having said that, it would make sense to let all authors know that their article has been published. Adding this to the current new issue notification would not probably be that hard. What do you think @NateWr?

File a feature request on the GitHub repo. To clarify, are do you want to send the emails to the co-authors when the issue is published or when the article is scheduled for publication in an issue?

I have filed a feature request at GitHub Enable editors to send custom email to all authors of a submission · Issue #3472 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for this.

A notification for all co-authors upon ‘new issue is published’ would not work for us, since we do publish as you go (publish one issue at the beginning of the year and add articles throughout the year). So the notification needs to be tied to the publication of the individual article.

Also a rare case but happening from time to time: a general email to some or all authors of a manuscript is needed when the editor suspects fraudulent practices. We usually include at least the senior author in this communication.


I understand your need, but I would be inclined to add such feature together with the actual “publis as you go” support that is planned for OJS. I am fairly sure that your specific need could be solved with a plugin. But I do not make the decision around here :smiley:


I think it would be useful for everyone to have an option for adding all or desired co-author to the mailing list at any stage. Sometimes editor requires to contact selected or all co-authors in case of author dispute/misconduct or if co-author email were not or wrongly entered during the submission. Currently, we do it separately through email which would not have any record in the editorial workflow system. If I remember right, in OJS 2.4.8, there was an option to add additional recipient by just entering email id.
Having selection option of listed co-author(s) & option to enter email id manually (e.g. institution head email id in case of dispute) would be helpful in keeping a record (within the OJS) of action taken in case of misconduct suspect.


Is it possible to send the Notification of Author Submission e-mail to all the co-authors of a new submission? Right now only the main author receives this e-mail and we’d like that the co-authors to be aware of the submission. I’m using OJS

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Why has this NOT been addressed yet by support people from PKP? Why is OJS3 not better than OJS2?
Why are there no answers to these very important setbacks?

Hi @Vivienne_Bachelet_No,

We are a small team, and prioritize work based on a number of factors, e.g. community interest, grant obligations, etc. Improving the editor’s ability to notify users is a priority but not one we’ve been able to get to yet. Watch the issue entry linked above for updates.

As OJS is free software, the best scenario for us is for high-priority items to be implemented in an open-source collaborative fashion. I understand that many groups don’t have developer expertise, but this is free software, and that is how the open source ecosystem works best.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Is there any update regarding this issue? Thanks

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Am wondering if there has been any update or solution on the issue.


Any update on this issue?

Hi all,

Not yet – but if someone can create a post in the feature request area of the forum, that’ll help. Voting is enabled on posts there so we can track community interest. If you do this, please drop a link back here into the post.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team