How to select articles In Review?

Hello all,

I need a list of articles In Review queue, with full title and ID’s to send to Editorial Board.

I’m a bit confused as to the meaning of the columns in the table articles.
I assumed that each stage of the process would have a number:

  • 0 = Incomplete
  • 1 = In Review
  • 2 = In Editing
    and so forth…

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Can anyone complete my SQL query?
x being the journal_id I already know…

SELECT a.article_id, s.setting_value FROM article_settings AS s
LEFT JOIN articles AS a ON a.article_id = s.article_id
WHERE a.journal_id = x AND s.setting_name = "cleanTitle" AND a.status = ??

(Assuming OJS 2.x)

Take a look at this function to discriminate between unassigned/in-review/in-editing.

The articles.status field really only keys on these values: