How to restore installed ojs from cpanel to localhost XAMPP

Dear all,

I have successfully installed XAMPP on Mac, now I would like to restore my installed ojs (ojs folder, files, and database) on localhost. Is there any link to learn about this? or would you mind sharing your experiences?

I have googled about it but found no specific Ojs case.

Kind regards

  1. Download ojs folder and file
  2. Export database via phpmyadmin in hosting cpanel (the export file will be filename.sql)
  3. Paste file at no. 1 to htdocs folder for ojs folder and to xampp folder for file directory
  4. Create database at localhost phpmyadmin
  5. Import database from no. 2
  6. Set file based on localhost setting for database, base_url, and file directory
  7. Finish

You may consult with this video on how to import & export database

Thanks @satuh1
I will try it…

Hi @satuh1
Do you have experiences with this error?

I have restored the ojs data to localhost but could not access it yet. The others folder (ojs installation) are accessible

Here is the error log
[core:crit] [pid 714] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00529: /opt/lampp/htdocs/betajtm/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable and that '/opt/lampp/htdocs/betajtm/' is executable

I don’t. And I have never use Mac OS. Sorry.

Hi @kawahyu

Can you try to delete the .htaccess file.
Access forbidden usually is message that show that htaccess block any http access to certain file / dir.

Thanks, it works. I tried uploading images to Custom Block Manager from Mac folder, it said

The upload destination folder does not appear to be writable

I have changed the folder permission to Write and Read, but it did not work yet