How to Recover missing theme?

Well, some months ago we (my boss and me) “inherited” the administration of an OJS instance. We upgraded it to (and so far we failed to upgrade it to 3.x, but that’s another problem), and we realized the upgrade broke the layout of OJS. We couldn’t find a difference between the theme in the previous version and the one in new version, and finally solved the problem by restoring the cache folder with a backup we made before upgrading.

    We tried restoring multiple files from the backup, compiling the theme again, and each time, the layout changed, so we had to restore the cache again.

     Our guess is somehow, the previous administrator overwrote or deleted files that affected the layout of site. So my boss told me to make a question and ask:

1.- Is it possible to somehow use the files in the cache folder to recreate the missing theme? We are not talking about “decompiling” to get the source, but about taking information from these files to create a new template that has the same visual effect.

2.- What are the files/folders used when the theme is compiled, to generate the cache files related to the site layout? (Maybe we are not restoring all the required files from the backup).

I know it’s a unusual question, but we would really appreciate any hint you can give us to solve our problem.

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As far as I know it is not possible to use theme from 2.X in 3.X version of OJS.
if you stay with 2.X version fo OJS then you should somehow get .css files which will be very helpful to recreate theme. Well, that is the case if your theme did not have custom images and other elements…