How to publish to XML - JATS

I would like to know how I can publish articles and editions in XML-JATS format to suit WOS, Scielo, Pubmed and Redalyc indexers?

OJS offers a set of tools to do your editorial workflow with JATS.

You can take a general overview from this article:

As you can see, OJS is able to publish your JATS files in some different ways… even I’m not sure what is the benefit of this (nice part of JATS is in content validation/curation and in automatic galley generation of PDF/HTML and this part is not yet covered).

I personally think is not fair indexers asking for JATS for their own confort, when editors don’t have the proper tools for the edition (texture is a “cul de sac” and need to be reimplemented) so I don’t do it in my editorial services.

Hopefully it will change in a couple of years.


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