How to publish a previously unpublished book?

I’m trying to publish again a previously unpublished book, but the “Publish” button is missing.

Version: OMP 3.3.0-17
The button was also missing on OMP 3.2.1-4.

Hi @tessiof,

This is peculiar. I tested this in OMP, but couldn’t repliciate it. It might be worth checking your PHP error logs to see if there are any relevant errors there?

PKP Team

Hi @tessiof

Can you try login as using a different manager/editor account than the one you are currently using. After that, you can check again whether the publish button is still missing.


No errors there. I tried updating OMP to the latest LTS to see if the problem would vanish, but it didn’t.

It is still missing…

The only warning I can get is this if I click “Activity Log” (“Histórico de Atividades”):
PHP Notice: Undefined index: stageId in /srv/www/sistema/press5/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/eventLog/ on line 111*

But the same warning occurs with a submission that shows a working “Publish” button.

*Array\n(\n [submissionId] => 176\n [_] => 1718890764768\n)\n