How to pass PUBMED Technical Requirements application


Is someone here who has passed the Technical application to PUBMED (How to Include a Journal in PMC) ???

Can help me to pass technical requirements application ? I have no idea how to transform full text of articles in an XML format that conforms to an acceptable journal article DTD.

Please help me !

Hi @alabala,
PUBMED and PMC (Pubmed Central) are two different things.

Pubmed requires only metadata with some specificity in XML format (subject to corrections) whereas PMC require the full text in XML.

I hope, plugin in OJS would be able to export XML required for pubmed. But for PMC, you need to prepare the XML yourself.

And where can I apply for PUBMED ?

a simple google search got me there.
anyway, the export plugin does not do all the work (yet), but is of good help for producing a compliant XML citations file