How to modify a single file from a plugin?

I’ve found a bug in javascript file in some theme plugin and I’ve changed this file, but the old script is still executing in the browser debugger tool. Clearing data/template cache from admin panel, or deleting cookies and “ojs/cache” folder doesn’t help. Are the plugin files stored in the database? Can I update a single file without reinstalling the entire plugin?

Application Version: OJS 3.1.2

Hi @Erkin_Kamilov,

Plugin files are not stored in the database, although some plugin settings might be. Presumably you should be able to update the file, but the caching issue is strange. One thing you might want to consider is upgrading your OJS instance, as OJS 3.1 is out-of-date and no longer supported. You might find as part of this that you can update to a newer version of the theme you’re using as well, which might contain a fix for the bug (depending on what the bug is).

PKP Team

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