How to migrate to new host


How to migrate to a new web hosting service? Is there any instruction manual available? Any help will be appreciated.


You will want to copy the files and database from your current host to the new host, then review the configuration in to ensure any system-level or external paths are updated to match the new host’s configuration.

You can think about this in the sense of restoring from backup, or performing an upgrade.

Your application consists of:

  • Application code
    • This is the source code you downloaded from PKP
  • Data files
    • This consists of public files (usually in the “public/” directory)
    • and the private files (stored in your files_dir per
  • Database
    • The connection to this database is described in
  • Configuration
    • The configuration settings in

You should be actively backing up the Database and the Data files at approximately the same time. With this backup, you can put a new copy of the Application files and a new Configuration file in place, and create a full copy of your application.

The structure of the Data file and Database is tried to the version of the Application code, so if changing the Application version, you will need to run the upgrade process.

Thank you very much.

And the Apache config settings might be different, too.

This is true. My answer was from the perspective of OJS/OMP/OPS, but when migrating from one host to another you will also need to consider the prerequisites for the PKP software as well. Changes will need to be considered when introduced by the webserver software/configuration, PHP version/configuration/libraries, and operating system or filesystem (file permissions, externally referenced systems paths in, etc).