How to manage "Outstanding editorial tasks" notification emails? Unexpected behavior

Hi @asmecher @Vitaliy and all PKP development team,

We are using a 3.4 OJS installation and this version sends monthly editorial tasks email to users assigned to active submissions.

We had a case of a reviewer that received the “Outstanding editorial tasks” automatic email notification on May 31th, informing him that the editorial team was waiting for a response in a submition that he had already responded and had already been thanked through the system by the editor on May 10th. This submission, by the way, was already on copyediting stage when the email was sent.

This cited user has reviewer and section editor roles, but is only assigned as reviewer

It would be very helpfull if 3.4 OJS version allowed to manage this automatic notifications by enable/disable or editing texts.

I tried to find this automatic email on Workflow / Emails but I couldn’t.