How to make returned value of section Section in Article page clickable so it takes you to that article's Section?

When viewing an article in its Article View/page, you’re presented with that page’s sections:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Affiliations
  • Abstract
  • How to Cite
  • Issue
  • Section
  • Copyright
  • References
    How to make the article’s displayed Section (for example: “Research Articles”) clickable so that clicking it takes the visitor to our Research Articles section?

This added cross-referencing feature seems simple to implement, yet it would greatly improve the user-friendliness of the OJS3 and provide a better user experience. Possibly a worthy candidate for a new feature of OJS3?

(NOTE: this is primarily for us who installed the Browse by Sections plugin. But those who created Sections as separate Categories will also benefit because, in their setup, they can link the article’s displayed Section to that Category which plays the role of that Section in which the article belongs.)

For this to work in the core product, the section header in the issue table of contents would need to have an id in the HTML:

Then a link could be formed from the article details:

similar to the link that is formed to the issue:

This is probably a good enough idea to implement in the core.