How to install and configure OJS 3 on a shared hosting ? [tutorial in progress...]

Hi everybody.

As you can see, it could be a little bit hard to install OJS on a simple shared hosting solution (eg: 1&1-IONOS or OVH).

In my example, we are using a typical shared hosting solution (Ionos) with the following configuration:
MySql 5.7 + PHP 7.2 / Apache

  1. The main issue is certainly the blank page once the files are uploaded on the server.
    The solution is certainly to set on the config.php file disable_path_info = On
    But the solution is not good as the OAI won’t work properly with this configuration.
    With OJS 2.x, the solution have been found, but seem do not work with OJS3… I don’t know why…

  2. The second issue (which is certainly a main problem…) is that even if I try to ignore the first issue, the installation do not work : nothing happen once I click on the button “Install Open Journal Systems”,

I suspect this problem : " Your server currently allows file uploads: No"

Any idea?

Most of people use a shared hosting solution - and I’m a quite surprised how It could be difficult to set OJS on this kind of installation.

It could be a great idea to create a tutorial on how-to install OJS in this case.

Best regards to everybody,


Hi Quentin, did you find a solution around this - to install OJS 3 with OAI working successfully? Thanks in advance.