How to inhibit/stop responsiveness? I just want to keep the desktop lay out. I use OJS 3.0.1 with Bootsrap 3 theme

How to inhibit/stop responsiveness? I use OJS 3.0.1 with Bootsrap 3 theme. I want 1 scheme for every thing and not specific for mobile and computers. Thanks

Do you mean you want to have a fixed width for the layout? And if so, what is the width you want to use?

I just want to keep the desktop lay out. The smaller layouts (mobile and tablets) does not show the content properly. How can i disable the mobile and tablet layouts and keep the desktop (big screen) lay out as default?

I think that the best solution would be to solve the problems you are having with the mobile and tablet layouts.

But if you just want to change how the theme works, I guess one way of doing it is to change the media queries settings: bootstrap3/variables.less at master · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

Just change the pixel settings so that the desktop layout is active already with screens starting from 480px

You would of course have to do the changes to the bootstrap theme you are using.

That didnt work. I treid.

//== Media queries breakpoints
//## Define the breakpoints at which your layout will change, adapting to different screen sizes.

// Extra small screen / phone
//** Deprecated @screen-xs as of v3.0.1
@screen-xs: 80px;
//** Deprecated @screen-xs-min as of v3.2.0
@screen-xs-min: @screen-xs;
//** Deprecated @screen-phone as of v3.0.1
@screen-phone: @screen-xs-min;

// Small screen / tablet
//** Deprecated @screen-sm as of v3.0.1
@screen-sm: 98px;
@screen-sm-min: @screen-sm;
//** Deprecated @screen-tablet as of v3.0.1
@screen-tablet: @screen-sm-min;

// Medium screen / desktop
//** Deprecated @screen-md as of v3.0.1
@screen-md: 480px;
@screen-md-min: @screen-md;
//** Deprecated @screen-desktop as of v3.0.1
@screen-desktop: @screen-md-min;

May be I am doing something wrong. Pls guide me here

Hi, sorry I do not know that theme particularly well.

Maybe you could try setting these values: bootstrap3/grid.less at master · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

Edit: probably other values in that file as well.