How to increase limit of words in section area

Hi mate!

I am trying to create a section of Special Issue in OJS but i am unable to add whole Section title. How can i increase the limit of words? It’s showing that “PLEASE ENTER NO MORE THAN 80 CHARACTERS.”

I want to increase the limit of CHARACTERS

Journal ====> Dashboard =====> Settings ====> Journal ====> Sections ==== Create Section and then Section title.

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Hello @imaazahmed,

In order to adjust this character limit you’d have to modify the value of 80 maxlength found here: `templates/controllers/grid/settings/sections/form/sectionForm.tpl
(On Github - here:

Here’s the relevant code from that file:

{fbvElement type="text" multilingual=true id="title" label="section.title" value=$title maxlength="80" size=$fbvStyles.size.MEDIUM inline=true required=true}

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PKP Team

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

@rcgillis , does this limit have a reason to exist or can it be permanently removed from the software?

If it is the second case, we can propose a PR, as I indicated at Remove arbitrary field length limitations · Issue #5266 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I’m afraid to remove it and generate some side effects.

Hi @abadan,

I see that this has been added to the 3.3.0-9 milestone in Github, so there are plans to work on it for a future release, but it hasn’t been able to be prioritized. I’m sure a PR for this issue would be welcome if you’re able to provide it.

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PKP Team