How to import and export a magazine between ojs of different version

hello, at the moment I have several magazine in ojs 2.x and I have also installed an ojs 3.0 I would like to know how to transfer magazines from ojs 2.x to ojs 3.0

which are the steps or if you have any recommendations, thanks

Hi @bettyna1996

To export your journals that are curently in OJS2.x best approach would be set up a sandbox install to upgrade your OJS version and export issues/submissions with terminal built-in scripts (I.e. OJS install “tools” folder). Keep in mind that this export/import process won’t keep your subsmissions editorial workflow history.

Or you could attempt upgrade this OJS2 and use it as main install.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

what happens is that I have a server with OJS2.x in which there are hosted magazines, but now they recently bought another server and it has OJS3.0 in which there are already magazines created. the idea is export OJS2.x magazines to the new server with OJS3.0, because it has the best features, this is why I can not consider updating OJS2.x, because there is no longer to be used again in that case, what would be the best solution?