How to hide References on an article page?

I have begun populating the first issue of my journal.

  1. I see that References show up on the article page. I want only the abstract and the pdf etcetra to appear. NOT the References. How does one hide them?
  2. I see some text above the banner. Basically, the name of the journal. How to get rid of it?
    Please see: for an example
    Thank you.
    Warm regards
    vasuki belavadi

Hi @vasukibelavadi,

  1. remove the references setting in the Settings-Workflow-Submission
  2. I am not sure, I believe you wrote those words somewhere in your settings (or in a plugin), try to find them and remove them

Regards, Primo┼ż

Thank you very much! Will check it soon.
Warm regards
vasuki belavadi