How to get the "Public User Profil URL"?


I can’t find my public user profile URL.
I can edit my profile but I can not find my URL.

My Journals  -> /index.php/index/user
My Profile  -> /index.php/index/user/profile
Log Out  -> /index.php/index/login/signOut

There must me a link that shows my public profile, right?

Something like /index.php/index/user/viewPublicProfile/me

Can you please help me.

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Hi @benno,

What version of OJS are you using? (Please include this with your posts.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I think this applies to all version, but I am using: Open Journal Systems

Please let me know where I can find the public static user profile url.


Hi @benno,

There are two potentially relevant URLs:

  • Your author information URL. See “browse by author” for a list of authors. (These correspond to author records, not user records, and are not very well disambiguated in OJS 2.4.x.)

  • Your “editorial team bio” page, e.g. http://[...]/index.php/[journalPath]/about/editorialTeamBio/[userId] (with [...], [journalPath] and [userId] replaced appropriately). This is not really intended as an author profile page, but could be used that way, I suppose.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


thanks for the info, but I think it does not really solve my question.

When I register a account and edit my profile I want to know the UserId to get the public user profile url.


But when I am logged in I can not get a userid. I tried to check the html code for nearly every user site but never get a chance to get the userid.
Is it maybe coded in the cookie hash?
I thought there would be a hidden form field at the edit page with the userid, but no way.
And even I can find a “me” url like Facebook or pinterest offer: or forwards the user to the profile page.

Hope this makes the questions more clear.

Thanks so far.


nobody has an idea? Please help

@benno, have you written a plugin which provides a public profile by the internal user id? Could you change that to use the username instead? This will be more consistent with information which is exposed within the interface.


no, I have no plugin for that.
But since the public profile urls are existent there must be a way for the user to their userid and see or send the profile url to other students or friends…



There is a viewPublicProfile URI and handler.

The template for this handler also exists.

The handler, however, only considers a profile “public” if the user has made public comments, and it is only exposed from those comments.

I think this functionality has been long forgotten.

If you removed the check from the handler regarding the comments, you could expose this for any user. If you as as a user wanted to discover your own id, it is is possible, although it is not simple. To do this, login and upload a profile image. The profile image will be named with your user id at the end.

I’ve been mulling over security considerations in posting this. The worst case scenario I can come up with is that a malicious user could use their biography to attempt to use javascript or XSS to formulate unwanted content posing as a legitimate output of a trusted website. That risk is largely mitigated by the allowed_html filter in

thanks, now I understand, The profile gets only public when I comment…

And after the comment I can see my profile url, when my name is displayed instead of uploading a image…

Think this is the only way, right?

I just tried that and the url that is linked to my username is:

so it does not redirects to my profile url, correctly…

Confirmed locally. One more example of how forgotten this functionality is. I’ll open a bug report.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Issue and fix filed here:

Hi, Benno.

Where is the comment option. How do i comment. Can you please help.

@ctgraham Need help!. How to post comment on open journal system… How can i get [viewPublicProfile URI]??

In OJS 2.x comments must be enabled via the Reading Tools component:
Login → User Home → Journal Manager → Reading Tools → Reading Tools Options → Add comment.

Once comments are enabled, they can be disabled for particular sections:
Login → User Home → Journal Manager → Journal Sections → select a section → Disable reader comments for this section.

@ctgraham Hi… I want my profile to be public [viewPublicProfile URI]??. For example i am posting on website. Open Journal Systems.

I am not able to see journal manager option and reading tools??. Can you please help me with this query.

@ctgraham Can u share a screenshot please. It will be really helpful…

Profiles are only public if comments are enabled. Comments can only be enabled by a journal manager. This is done for the journal in the Reading Tools configuration here:

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