How to get ride of default value in radio button or checklist form items

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  • Description of issue: when we make review form, if the item is checklist or radio button, when the form is delivered to reviewer, The first choice is already checkmarked or chosen by default. Can we get rid of this default. The form in preview is OK but when it is delivered to review all questions of radio button or checklist has its first item checked. How can we get rid of such already selected or default value so that if the reviewer missed answering, there is a warning to let him/her that some question must be answered. This happens in both mandatory and non-mandatory questions.The form-with default

Hello @rmosavi,

OJS 3.1 is an older version of the software - it is recommended that you upgrade to a more recent version. Newer versions of OJS have more improved features that I believe would likely address this issue and give you more flexibility in how you design review forms: Workflow Settings

PKP Team

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