How to generate legacyCounterPlugin stats after upgrade to 2.4.3

I’ve read several discussions on migrationg stats and the PKP Statistics Framework wiki page but I still do not understand if in the “new” stats framework after upgrade to 2.4.3

a) I can generate usage stats using the old legacyCounterPlugin metric and if yes, how to do/enable this metric,

b) if I can create legacyCounterPlugin metric stats for the months after(!) the upgrade to 2.4.3 but before enabling the legacyCounterPlugin metric (if possible - see a) again?

I would like to have the old statistic metrics for consistency at least until end of the year covered by our annual reports.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @aguen,

If I understand you correctly, you used Counter plugin before OJS 2.4.3.
After the migration to 2.4.3 you can not proceed to count the usage in the same way – after the migration to 2.4.3 only one statistics plugin is there (used for counting the usage), the Usage Statistics plugin. You will still have the old metrics from the old Counter plugin in your database (now ojs::legacyCounterPlugin) and you can still generate the report for those data in the same way. But you cannot proceed to collect and count the usage data in the same way. Thus, I am afraid you will not be able to have the consistency in usage counting after the migration :frowning: But, maybe it will be also OK if you split it for your annual report – to say something like: “till the date XXX we had YYY, from then on we use a COUNTER compliant method and have ZZZ”?

Does this answers you questions?


Dear Bozana,

Yes, thank you, this answers my question.

I was confused by the sentence in the statistics documentation saying that “the new reporting tools are able to generate reports from both old and new data sources”, or as you state it: “you can still generate the report for those data in the same way”. Now I understand that I can still generate reports for old data, saved before the upgrade, but that I cannot continue to generate new stats data in the old way.

Thanks again you for this clarification!


Also note that if you have your original webserver access logs, you can potentially re-generate the new statistics for the old timeframes in the new way. You could use this to get a consistent set of COUNTER-ready statistics for the year, abandoning the old legacy not-quite-COUNTER-ready numbers.

That’s a valueable hint! I’ve read the documentation about processing and re-processing the log files and the process seems to be straightforward (basically copying the old logs into the OJS stage folder). Thanks!