How to fix OJS get header bug ( Skip to Main Content)?


First, im sorry if my english is not very well, im from indonesia, using Open Journal System form my college’s journal management system. at first everything is ok but when i got attack from someone, my OJS is get hacked, that make the homepage is changed, so i try to fix it by replace the index.php file and it works but when i look at the journal page (you can see from : ) the header of page get initial journal, in this case “TMJ”, i try to fix it so i try to see the header.tpl but no “TMJ” ini the script,.

preview :

so i want to ask, how can i fix it, i hope you all can give me the answer, thanks .

I suspect that “tmj” content is coming from Journal Setup, Step 1, section 1.8, option “Custom tags”.

Regardless, in the event of a security incident, be sure to fully compare your installed application source against a clean download. You want to be sure there is no unaccounted for executable code on the system.

Did you identify and resolve the vulnerability which lead to the attack?

hi @ctgraham thank for your answer that fix my problem, you right the “tmj” is coming from journal setup step 1 section 1.8