How to find authors who are not "Primary Contact"?


We upgraded recently on OJS 3.1.2.
When we search authors in the backend, in “Users & Roles” menu, we don’t find the authors who are not identified as “Primary Contact” in submission medatadas. Is there a way to find them and to know in which submission they are mentioned?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
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Hi @hcl,

OJS 3.1.2 is the same as OJS 3.1.1 and previous in this regard. The “Users & Roles” listings work with user accounts that are enrolled as authors, whether or not they have ever been actually active in a submission. If you want to search by author, you can use the “Submissions” lists and enter e.g. the author’s name in the search box.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

We didn’t noticed it in OJS 3.1.1 probably because we haven’t tested it before.
Thanks for the explanation.

Kind regards.