How to erase breadcrumb?

Hi all,
I don’t find breadcrumbs line in a common.css file that i’ve found in the styles/ directory. In which directory is it?

Hi @dearqui,

What software are you using, and what version?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,
i’m using OJS 2.4.6. I found an answer in the forum but I do not know if it is correct. I made a new stylesheet with #breadcrumb {
} .
I read that in the case of updates should reload the css file .
Generally my problem is that reading the guide to the customization ( can not find in the file specified common.css lines (Common HTML elements ; Main layout elements ; Navigation bar ; Breadcrumbs ; Additional text styles , Table styles ; Form -specific elements ; Other organizational elements).
I can not understand if I have to write all the changes in the new CSS file to be loaded in point 5.6.
Excuse the trivial questions but we only architects and we don’t have great knowledge of web programming languages
Many thanks,

You won’t want to find and modify the existing css files, you only need to add the specific changes you want in Setup Step 5.6.

For example, if the only CSS change you want is to hide the breadcrumbs, make a new file with just:

#breadcrumb {

and upload that.

Thanks ctgraham,
i’ve do it. And if I wanted to change something on the navigation bar (for example, the font style) should write

#navbar {
	font-family: ...................................
	letter-spacing: 0.05em;

Thanks, in advance

Yes, a good starting point for CSS is W3Schools.