How to display statistics of author's articles(preprints) in the author's dashboard

I will post for the first time.
We are developing with OPS

We would like to add a menu of statistics (“stats/publications”) to the dashboard when logged in as a user in the author role to display statistics for published articles submitted by the author. How can we customize it?
A menu of statistics displays in the dashboard for publisher and moderator roles’ user, but those are for all published articles.
Please let me know if you have any advice or tips.

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Minoru Tanabe

Hi @Minoru_Tanabe,

If you want to learn how to add a page to the editorial backend and load data on it, you’ll want to spend some time with our main developer documentation. In particular, you’ll want to read through the Architecture section to learn about how requests are routed and authorized. You’ll also want to read the Frontend section to learn about how to build a webpage that looks like the editorial backend.

Then I’d recommend reading the section on Reader Statistics which will tell you how to get the data you want. Finally, the Plugin Guide will show you how to create your own plugin so that you can keep these changes isolated from the core code base.