How to display new Menu Areas? [OJS 3]

I want to create a new menu area and display it in the sidebar.

I created a new menu area in my custom theme via:
$this->addMenuArea(array(‘menuarea1’, ‘menuarea2’));
I can see them in the navigation menus settings, I can even add to the area some items, that is great but it is of course not visible on frontend.

What I need right now do to display the menu area in the sidebar?
I need to override some template files or something?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Meh I found that.
You just need to:

  1. In your theme: $this->addMenuArea(array(‘menuarea1’, ‘menuarea2’));
  2. Override template for example header.tpl
  3. Assign menu to variable
    {capture assign=“menuVariable”}
    {load_menu name=“menuarea1” }
  4. Then just {$menuVariable}