How to display different announcement types on separate pages?

I am setting up a journal with OJS3 and looking for a way to post announcements of different types on separate pages.
I would like regular announcements (CfP’s etc.) to be posted on the regular announcements page. But I would also like to have a separate blog/debate page. So what I am thinking about is to use announcement types (news/debate), and then have a custom “debate” page which only displays announcements of the “debate” type I have created. Is this possible?

Hi @Anders_H,

I believe you will have to create a create a child theme to display announcement types on different pages. Please see the PKP Theming Guide for guidance. This topic also provides some information about what files are used to display announcements.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks! I will look into that. I’m not very experienced in these areas and haven’t worked with theming yet, but will read up on it and see if I can learn how to do it.

Meanwhile, is there any other possible workaround to acheive the same goal, i.e. two separate types of news feeds on a journal site?

As I remember developer can use this method to retrieve announcement’s type as a string

It seems like this is a bit too advanced for me at the moment. I will probably have to put the idea of two separate newsfeeds on the wish list for future upgrades of our site.

This would be a good feature, and would make the announcement types more usable. There is also a GitHub ticket for this.

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