How to disable journal statistics for sections and guest editors

I’m not sure if this is a duplicate post, but I couldn’t find a similar topic in my search.

How to disable the journal statistics tab from the backend portal for sections and guest editors.

Statistics. tab
Articles (allowed)
Editorial Activity (which should not be allowed)
Users (which should not be allowed)
Reports (which should not be allowed)

how to control these functions. Our current version is OJS

Hi @Rohaan123,

I don’t think there is the ability to restrict access to restrictions to these roles within OJS - only to parts of the workflows. Can you explain your use case a bit further - are there reasons why you would want to restrict access to these roles?

PKP Team

Hi dear

No. I wants to restrict the access of statistics tab. Because its not mandatory for show this information to everyone role.

We can restrict the notification only but not restrict access of these tabs in guest and section editor’s portal.

Thanks n regards