How to delete the side bar from ojs3

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I’m looking for how to delete the right sidebar from journals , not removing items , just deleting the entire sidebar.
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Have you considered using CSS to hide the sidebar div via a display: none?

Hi @Alibi_Elmehdi,

Actually, when you remove all items from the sidebar, it shouldn’t add any of the HTML markup to the page.

I’m guessing that what you want to do is make the main content panel full width? Or maybe center it? To do either of these things, you’ll need some experience with CSS code.

For instance, the following CSS code would center the main panel:

@media(min-width: 992px) {
  .pkp_structure_main {
    float: none;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto; 

But you’d still have the left and right borders of that panel. So really making a journal look good centered will take writing a bit more CSS – even more so if you want all the content to be full width rather than just centered.

Automatically adjusting for this is something I’d like to add to the default theme in the future. I did it with a child theme I’ve been working on and I think it looks quite nice with no sidebar at all.

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I want to hide the side bar in the abstracts only and want to replace it by the sidebar (showing the pdf, html,xml downloading options with other infromation like cite). Is it possible?

how to add top sidebar, does any one know?
help me then please

Hi I am using default manuscript theme. I want full 100% width instead of central/box style outlook. Please do let me know.

Please open your own question instead of adding to this thread.

How to remove the box look in the default manuscript theme and change it full width? Done. Please let me know.