How to delete "Read more" in the display of the announcement on the journal homepage

Hi all,

I am using Application Version - OJS

I have made a new announcement under Website Settings and I want to display only the title of the announcement at the journal homepage without the description of the announcement, and without the “Read more”. Otherwise it takes too much space of the homepage, and distracts the attention of our readers from the information about our current issue.
I have solved the problem with the description by filling in the field for the description with only a few spaces. This means without text.
But still there appears the “Read more” underneath the title of the announcement at the homepage which I want to disappear.
It takes space and it is superfluous, because the title is already a link to the announcement.

I am a journal manager and I cannot login as an administrator.
So, I would prefer a solution for this problem which can be done by a journal manager.



Journal Manager (and Editor-in-chief too) can edit the css from Website Settings>Appareance>Advanced>Journal Style Sheet, I guess. Isn’t it?

In this case you should easily find the class of “Read more” button and set it as: display: none;
This solution doesn’t need any administrator’s grant.

I can’t be more useful because the css changes depend by the theme of your journal, but if you can share your journal’s homepage URL, I could guide you.