How to create XSD format for Index Copernicus?

Hi @a-vodka,

Great – I can help you get this ready for the plugin gallery!

Try uploading the plugin package to the “Releases” area in the github repository, rather than putting it into the repository itself in downloads. We tend to use branches to organize the code for each target version of OJS (e.g. ojs-stable-2_4_8 and ojs-stable-3_1_1), then upload a release for each.

Once that’s ready to go, write up a description and let me know what versions each release works with (e.g. 3.1.0-0, 3.1.1-1, 3.1.1-2, etc) and I’ll add entries to the plugin gallery. An example entry for the plugin gallery looks like this:

<plugin category="generic" product="customHeader">
	<name locale="en_US">Custom Header Plugin</name>
	<summary locale="en_US">Permits the addition of custom headers to the website.</summary>
	<description locale="en_US"><![CDATA[<p>This plugin permits the addition of custom headers to the website. This can be used e.g. to add arbitrary Javascript to the front-end.</p>]]></description>
		<name>Alec Smecher</name>
		<institution>Public Knowledge Project</institution>
	<release date="2018-02-19" version="" md5="84d55e711ee08c948d69dc37d6075ef1">
		<compatibility application="ojs2">
		<compatibility application="omp">
		<certification type="official" />
		<description>Initial release of the custom headers plugin.</description>

Thanks for contributing!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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You problem with plugin installation has been solved. Please, try to install

Installed, exported XML file and Imported into ICI successfully as well. Just one problem, each article is imported thrice in the ICI. So, it is showing three entries of each and every article. Anyone experiencing this issue?

I have figured it out.
Before, I had three installed local languages, so XML has triplicate the each article in metadata for those languages as well. But, I had removed the two other local languages and currently, only one language is available (English)Then why it is still creating the entries in XML file for the deleted languages?

Hello, @seisense!

This Plug-in exported metadata for at all available in OJS languages. May be we should ask about this issue @asmecher or @Ph_We. They can help to remove unused languages.

For your case, I propose to remove all unnecessary items manually.

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@a-vodka i can help with testing for version of OJS

Thank you. if you find a problem, please create an issue on github.

first problem, - it doesn’t save formatting. it put’s all in one string. if you can give you’r email i will send file to you

It worked in mine. Ojs and both.

how? i have multilanguage submissions and copernicus import says, that i have bad file

Yep, it’s OK now, thank you!

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I have tried to install the plugin but the following error occurred

Fatal error : require_once(): Failed opening required ‘lib/pkp/classes/plugins/’ (include_path=’.:/home/escijour/public_html/classes:/home/escijour/public_html/pages:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/classes:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/pages:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/lib/adodb:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/lib/phputf8:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/lib/pqp/classes:/home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/lib/smarty:.:/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/share/pear’) in /home/escijour/public_html/lib/pkp/includes/ on line 32

When I click on the System Plugin, the same error is seen.

Hello, @esciencepress!

Could you specify your OJS version?

There are two version of plugin for OJS 2.x and 3.x. May be you choose wrong one.

Thank you. I am using OJS

I have restored the website to an earlier point and installed plugin for 2.x. The following error occurred;

You are trying to downgrade the product “ojs2” from version [] to version []. Downgrades are not supported.

Dear @esciencepress

As far as I know you can just ignore this message. Please check import/export menu. Plugin should be available there.

Plugin has been successfully instaled through the Plugin Gallery on OJS Thanks for developers for a great contribution!

However I faced with an issue - after import in ICI, all articles are duplicated (please see screenshot). Is it somehow related with bilingual instalation of my OJS? My website has two languages - En and Uk. I did not provided Ukrainian metadata yet and left the rows empty, because I thought that it can nake an issue later when I will export them. But I see that even in this case of prevention metadata duplicate.

Is there any solution or is it coming soon?


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Dear @novikoffav

Thank you for your reply. You are right. Articles duplication caused by multilingual installation of OJS. Copernicus plug-in exports meta-data for all installed languages in OJS. As far as I know in your case Ukrainian meta-data should be blank. May be @asmecher can help us.

As solution I can propose to remove duplication manually.

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The plugin installed on didnt work. The file exported successfully but once uploaded to Copernicus web caused the error.

@esciencepress Could you please share your file xml?

Sure, the xml file is attached at;

XML File

Dear @esciencepress
You problem deals with your meta-data. In the article “First Report of Botrytis cinerea Causing Gray Mold Disease on Peach from Pakistan” defined only start page, end page is empty. Please fix this.

For further problem with uploading please use on-line validation tools.

To prettify xml file, please use on-line tool Free Online XML Formatter - .

xsd scheme available by link

It helps you to understand where is the problem.