How to create an article in OJS with executable instance


I want to ask if there is any solution to create an article that has an executable instance based on another platform called Stencila.
In other words, the point is to have an static article in OJS and a dynamic version of this article (with code and statics) in Stencila.
Example :

You can reamark when you read the article that there is a link to switch between the two versions:

The executable version you can run it and it is based on stencila code.

What I want to do is the same, but replacing eLife with OJS.

If there is something unclear, please let me know.


Hi Anouar,

If I’m understanding you (that is a big if) you can probably emulate this eLife feature this without any extra coding, just with the OJS features included “out of the box”… but all depends on your requirements.

I suggest you play a little with OJS to get familiar with it’s workflow and the interface.

Here you have a link to OJS 3.2 documentation:

You will need to do a full workflow to discover if this will fit your needs.

  1. Login as author and submit an static file… but also add (as a supplementary resource) an external link to your Stencila dynamic version.
  2. As an editor, create a new “future issue”.
  3. As an editor, take your article and follow the publication workflow (now you can “jump” stages). At the end you will be able to add your static file (ie: a PDF) as a galley, but (and this is the trick) remember to publish a second galley with your external link to Stencila.
  4. Schedule your article to the future issue and publish the issue.
  5. Check your published issue.

If the link solution is not good enough (ie: you like to integrate “stencila” in ojs as a modal window), after all this you will need to develop a plugin (as some fellows did to add pdf, html or jats viewers).

But I think is important to get familiar with essential OJS features before going further.


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Hi Marc,
Thanks for your reply.

I think you understand it correctly because I made some searchs and it could be possible without any code.

My interface is so poor. I am not sure if I have the complete version because I am able only to create journal (edit it, remove it…):

Is that enough ?

Ok your steps are greats, thanks. But the question is how to login as author ? an editor ? where can I create new future issue ?
Maybe you have right, I have to read more documentation firstly ?
I asked you before only to be sure that I have all the features on my local version ?


Hi @anouar2002 ,

I’m also interested in this topic and have already made other experiments with external and more interactive content.

I know but never used yet, but know very well OJS, so I can help you on that side.

If you forget OJS for a moment, my direct question is:

What is necessary to run an executable instance from a .html file? Considering that the files may be somewhere remotely.

Can I remotely call “services” or I need some kind of server/service locally?


José Carvalho

Yes. Your local version looks fine, don’t worry.

You need to think in OJS as a “generator” of journal sites (not just one), and from your screenshot you are in administator’s page, crating a journal. If you click on this specific journal, you will be able to reach the a more extended interface (specific for the new journal)

Maybe you have right, I have to read more documentation firstly ?

Not all documentation, but some reading won’t harm you and will let you understand the logic (so you can decide how to adapt it to your goals)… but is also important play with the tool. I mean, you need some concepts, but I’m more in favor of “learning by doing” than reading a lot.

You would like to take a look to this:

Specifically this course, that will drive you through ojs workflow, explaining all basic roles and actions:

I’m not using this in any journal, but you can use the “external url” as a galley resource.
If I remember well, it will drive you to the external link.

If you want it to be more “ojs-integrated” you will need to develop your own plugin, like the viewers fellows did for local html, pdf or jats.

Hi José,

Thanks for your reply.

That’s great. You are the first one thats tell me he made some experiments on the subject :slight_smile:

Oh thank you, we can try to share experiments together. Thats will be helpful.

If I understand you correctly, we can do as the guys did for eLife, only try to use the iframe.

To be honest, I am not sure if you can call all the services there, I am using a local version of stencila but it contains also a lot of problems that I am try to fix with the guys there. If you want to install Stencila also locally, just let me know, I can help you with it.