How to create 'Ahead of Print' section


I I want to create a section for “Ahead of Print”. This will include articles which has been accepted but not published in hard copy. These papers would have a DOI and should be publicly visible. How can this be achieved?

Hi @Office_PINSA,

Maybe you can take a look/use the plugin form @ajnyga : GitHub - ajnyga/forthcoming: OJS3 plugin for showing forthcoming articles

Regards, Primož

Note that the plugin does not support DOIs. This is because the OJS DOI registration is designed to work only after an article is published, and it is regarded as published only as part of an issue.

This is definitely something that OJS could handle better and there has been some talks about this

Hey @ajnyga

We do not procure the DOI via OJS. As we have been using DOI before we started publishing on OJS, ours is a direct contact with an agency for that. If I feed in DOIs would the plugin support that?

I think the best way for you to know is to test the plugin.

At the moment it does not show the DOI at all, but you could probably edit the plugin to make it show them.