How to correctly commit changes in lib/pkp to provide a pull request later?

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i’m trying to provide a pull request for Section policies are not displayed anywhere · Issue #2638 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

I’ve read and numerous times but i don’t really understand how to commit changes of the pkp-lib submodule.

My changes in lib/pkp are not displayed when running git status in OJS folder C:\ojs. From my understanding, commiting the changes from C:\ojs\lib\pkp would send the changes to the official pkp-lib repo as the submodule links to the aforementioned repo. So how to i commit these changes?

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Hi @j1shin,

Essentially you’ll need to open two pull requests, one for ojs and one for pkp-lib. The instructions on that wiki page describe how to commit a submodule update in the ojs repo so that the automated tests will check out your php-lib fork. If that aspect is incomprehensible (and git submodules can be that way) then don’t worry about it, just stick with the two pull requests and we can help with the rest.

The best way to organize everything from a clicking-around-github perspective is to use a git issue as the “home” for the contribution, and then drop links to each of the pull requests into it. Then, in the pull request titles, add a prefix with the issue number, e.g.: “pkp/pkp-lib#1234 This is my PR title”. That will keep everything linked together.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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