How to configure the CrossRef Database Connector?

In OJS 2.4.5 you were able to set the DOI prefixes and suffixes.
We are now using OJS 3 and as the CrossRef Plugin is installed and enabled by default, where do i find the plugin settings?

Thank you


Go to Settings/Website/Plugins/Public Identifiers Plugins and click on blue triangle left to the title of plugin. You will find Settings there and you can set it up as you like.

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Thank you very much, this solves my “DOI Problem”. Do you know, if there is a chance to adjust the CrossRef Database Connector settings too?

It is already enabled, but I can’t see any options or even disable it. That is why I thought it must be some kind of default.

What do you want to achieve? Which kind of results you want to get acomplished?

I want to activate Citation Markup Assistant functionality including Citation Extraction Services as well as automated DOI lookups via a Crossref account. In OJS 2, this was configurable in Journal Setup Step 3.7. In OJS 3, I could activate Submission References but found no further dialogues to configure which connectors to use (or specific connector settings) as in OJS 2. In Settings/Website/Plugins/ I do not see the blue triangle you mentioned next to the connectors, being logged in with the role of Journal Manager.

Maybe someone of OJS staff will respond to your question. I have setup DOI assignment successfully but I have not worked with connectors.

Hi all,

The Citation Markup Assistant (CMA) has not been maintained for a couple of years, and is showing some age e.g. where third-party services have changed APIs. Unfortunately we’re not supporting it at the moment, so your mileage may vary. Our future plans for citation parsing/handling involve Open Typesetting Stack.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team