How to configurate ORCID Profile Plugin?

OJS 3.1.2

Description of issue: Hi! What kind of special configuration is needed for the plugin to work properly?
Screenshot when I try to use it:

When I go to setting in the plugin appears the following form. What should I fill in the spaces for the plugin to work?

You may use the Public API or the Member API.

If your institution is not an ORCID member, you will need to enable the Public API within an existing ORCID user profile (perhaps a system administrator’s or a journal manager’s). Login to:

You will create a new “application” within that ORCID profile, with a redirect URL (or URLs) to your OJS instance.

You will then copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the ORCID profile to the ORCID Profile Plugin in OJS.

If your institution is an ORCID member, you have access to the Member API. You will work with ORCID Support in this case to setup a new Application with a Client ID and Client Secret at the institutional level.