How to clear template cache from cPanel


I have an OJS journal (OJS which is has to be re-design (the template). This journal is a part of multi journal system.

The IT support from my university did not give me the Site Administrator’s account. They gave me the Journal Manager account and the cPanel account.

When edited the css, or some images (like logo or header image), I usually encountered with cache problems. I mean, it’s like when I just updated the new logo, the old logo still appeared. The new one would be appeared after take some minutes, hours, even days!

If I am not wrong, this problem could be solved if I clear the template cache from Site Administrator’s dashboard. But because I don’t have that privilege, I could not access that.

So, my question is could I clear the template’s cache from the cPanel? Or any other solution for my problem?

Thanks for advance.



Hi @idoeb
If you are able to log in hosting account of OJS installation, you can technically do everything & change everything…
But you would better to go Web based file manager, enter cache directory in ojs installation and delete only files within cache and its subdirectories. Please don’t delete the folders.

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Hi @drugurkocak

Thanks for your reply.

Just for clarify… Is this the cache directory that you mentioned? (Please see the pics)

cache folder

cache folder 2

One more question…

Could I delete the specific cache files which are related to my journal only? As I mentioned before, my journal is a part of multi system journal.

After some exploration, I know that my journal is located in folder named “3”. Can I use this information to know where the cache files are related to my journal?

Hi @idoeb
Yes, these files and folders are temporary cache files. They will be regenerated with the first page view by a visitor, so you should be able to delete the files safely (folder structure should remain as is). I can’t make a suggestion for specific folders.