How to Cite uses HTML for closing quotation mark

OJS The “How to Cite” display for an article whose title includes quotation marks is not displaying correctly. Here’s how it looks in APA format (our default and what we use in our journal):

McKee, E. (2021). Where do “localphiles” shop? A mixed-methods case study of food-buying habits. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 10(2), 1–20.

It’s the same in every citation format in our list. I’ve copied and pasted the first quotation mark just in case I’d accidentally used a curly quote instead of straight. If I change it to a single quotation mark ( ’ ), it displays correctly. I’ve just checked previously published articles with double quotation marks, and their citation format has the same error. I never noticed it before so I think it’s a new bug.

Hello @achristian, I think the forum may have automatically converted the HTML quotes back to the proper display, so just to check, the issue is that it’s displaying something like “ instead of the proper “, correct?

You’re right, it corrected what I had copied. It’s using “”" in place of the " after the word.

OMG, it did it again. You can see what the code is in the screen shot. image


Any further thoughts on how to solve this? I’ve changed the title to use single quotes as a workaround, but the PDF uses double quotes and I’d prefer that they match.