How to change username?

I wrongly keyed in username. How can I change it?

This is not currently possible in the user interface, but it is on Pitt’s wishlist.

You can safely make a change to the username by directly editing the row within the users table in the database.

Thanks. But where is the users table? what database?

The database is identified in your configuration (

I have “Login as” the user, and change the name in his profile.

Thanks again.

I still don’t know how and where I can find the database.

Are you wanting to change the username (which is used for login) or the user’s name (which is displayed), or both? The Manager and the User can both change the user’s name; but the username can only be changed in the database.

If you are not familiar with managing the database, I can’t recommend that you try to make the change directly in the database on your own. Directly editing the database is a high risk action.

Hi @ctgraham

We are in OJS3.0.1. We have to change username because of the “Suggest” function that suppress all accented characters from the new username. I see that the information given here is for OJS2.4. Will your solution works for OJS3.0.1 without braking any consistency in the DB ?

Or better:

Maybe it is not anymore on Pitt’s wishlist ??


In both OJS 2.x and in OJS 3.x the username is simply stored in the users table, under the username column. All references to the user by foreign key are handled by the table’s primary key, user_id. Changing the username should not break database referential integrity.

There is one outlier I’m aware of in the UI: in both 2.x and 3.x, OJS stores uploaded files by username, rather than by userid. In 3.x there is no facility for a user to manage their uploaded files, so change the username will not affect functionality. In 2.x, there is in link in the upload dialog which allows a user to manage their existing uploads. This would break when the username is changed.

User-first and last name are easier to set. But it seems we can’t change the UserID using the ojs web interface.

I prefer to - replace the UserID displayed on the top-right my logged-in ojs page - with the user-first-last name. So they can’t know my user ID. How could I do that?

Thank you

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