How to change the logo size in Health Science Theme


Just instaled the new OJS with a Health Science Theme 1.0.2. The logo seems quite small. I tried to change it from the plugins/themes/HealthSciences/styles/components/header.less but it does not work. Unfortunately I can not locate the other files responding for the logo size - it seems to be limited for 75px only in heigth.

Also I did not find information about supporting by HST 1.0.2 of the current version of OJS Does anybody know, will it work properly or not?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi @novikoffav

Yes, it it compatible with OJS 3.1.1-4. This restriction was made intentional but you can upload custom CSS as usual that will overwrite the default one. The official repository is here:
I’m planning to make few fixes and announcements support (for the homepage) in near future.

To overwrite it should be something like:

@media (min-width: 992px) {
  .navbar-logo img {
    max-height: your custom height here;


Hi Vitaliy,
In which file I have to make changes? Actualy I cannot locate the css file responding for the logo size, that is the problem. Or how can I remove the restriction? I am not a coder, so it is not clear for me how to owerwrite the native css with my own.
Thanks in advance for detailed explanation!


You can just upload your custom CSS through a dashboard: Settings -> Website -> Appearance -> Journal style sheet,


Ah, that yoou meant. Ok, but in this case I will lost all the appearance of the HS theme. :slight_smile:


This option allows to upload styles in addition to what your current theme has, so HS theme appearance should be preserved.